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 T'Rae of V'tosh ka'tur

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PostSubject: T'Rae of V'tosh ka'tur   T'Rae of V'tosh ka'tur Icon_minitimeTue Jun 16, 2009 11:24 pm

Name: T’Rae

Personality: T’Rae has a bit of a superiority complex, not to the point where she believes she is better than those around her, but simply to the point that she believes those around her should listen to and obey her. This often led to arguments with her teachers and parents and fellow students, but even more so with her Captain when assigned to the USS Synapta. But when it does come down to it, T’Rae definitely falls into the Leader category over the Follower. When forced into a situation T’Rae has a habit of immediately assessing the damage and the best ways to repair it, even though she is only an Lieutenant Junior Grade and there are often higher ups that should be making these decisions. Her Vulcan heritage also tends to win over respect, Vulcans being known to be very logical and efficient species, what people often overlook is that fact that she is a follower of the V’tosh ka’tur. V’Tosh ka’tur translates directly as “Vulcans without Logic” but that is not a proper description, they her Vulcans who follow logic without eliminating their emotions.
It is because of this training that allows T’Rae to be so efficient in an emergency; her mental training allows her to examine both Logical and Emotional responses to a situation and possible outcomes to each action taken, leading to a cleaner finish. Though it is this ability that instills in her the sense of “I know what I’m doing more than you know what you’re doing”, she feels she can respond exactly correct to any situation thrown at her, despite various situations proving her otherwise.
Despite this fact if you can get her to sit down and listen she can prove to be a nice person, if you’re definition of nice is a little lose. She insults because she loves, and if you can win her over to see you as an equal she is a very loyal person, once you are her friend you will always be her friend, nothing could possibly change how she sees someone. T’Rae’s views on the world and pretty much set in stone, almost impossible to change, it is because this she has such a hard time understanding and ability to harness the Planet Illogical Field, though she finds the concept fascinating.

Physical Description: T’Rae is assumed to be pure blood Vulcan, but her family never really tracked their heritage. No matter, T’Rae retains the appearance of being a pure blood. She stands a 6’2, most of that height being in her legs. She carries herself with an air of command, even though she doesn’t rightfully have the power, and has a habit of looking down on others, figuratively and literally. T’Rae is a very clean cut person, her clothes are stain-free and never wrinkled, though her hair is often on the untidy side due to the habit of messing with it when she is thinking. Her hair is shoulder length with a gentle wave to it that drives her absolutely crazy, like it can’t decide what it wants to be, but this is in more ways than one. T’Rae’s hair used to be black, like most of Vulcan heritage, until a poorly planned experiment in the Academy. After meeting Sheena, T’Rae became endlessly fascinated with the way her skin glowed and changed, and with Sheena’s permission took a few cells to examine. After isolating the mechanism that changed the skins colors she injected it into her own scalp, thinking if anything went wrong it wouldn’t be obvious. At first nothing happened, but one morning she woke up to find the roots of her hair were a bright yellow contrasting with the black around them. The injection hadn’t stayed in her skin, it had grown into her hair follicles and altered them. But what she had failed to isolate was the ability to control the change, something Sheena was unable to properly explain, and such as her hair grew out at an oddly rapid rate and she was forced to cut off, inch by inch, her precious black hair and leave behind the pulsing rainbow of locks. Now her hair changes colors as it sees fit, with no ability to control it, sometimes it will settle on one color for days, or weeks, or months, but never longer than two months before it goes through a rapid series of changes, often minute by minute. Sometimes her hair will be solid, others it will take up some sort of strange pattern, and very very rarely will it ever turn black again.

History: T’Rae was born twenty-two years ago in a small V’tosh ka’tur settlement. Raised in the small offshoot of Vulcan society T’Rae was taught the Chaotic Response technique and logical thinking of normal Vulcan children, while at the same time learning to experience and properly repress her emotions without eliminating them. This quickly structured T’Rae’s life, her lessons to see things in both a logical and emotional way led her to examining people, and how they functioned around each other. In school she quickly diverted to the study of Sociology and Psychology, putting her years of examining her classmates to good use.
But the more she studied those around her, the less she felt she was one of them. It was never a feeling that she never fit in with them, no she got along with her classmates for the most part, it was more of a feeling that they didn’t fit her. T’Rae quickly got bored as she moved through school and her training and life in general. Until she saw the light, it was just a routine supply drop by a small ship, ever since the V’tosh ka’ture were acknowledged by the Federation their colony was growing with access to better medical supplies and food. When T’Rae heard a Federation ship had entered into orbit and they were sending down an Operations crew via shuttlecraft, everything seemed to click with her. This place didn’t fit her, it was like trying to force on a shirt that was simply too small, T’Rae would head into space. Two years later T’Rae graduated from her studies and, after an argument with her parents, enrolled into Starfleet Academy.
Using what she already knew T’Rae streamlined her studies early on, heading down the Sciences track, she had no interest in her fellow students, she simply wanted to get out of there as soon as she could and off into much bigger things. Then things changed in a very interesting way. T’Rae wondered how she had never met this girl before, never even noticed her for that matter. T’Rae wasn’t sure why she diverted from the direct course to the corner table where she would set up her books and study for some upcoming exam and instead headed towards the lone girl and slid into the table across from her with no warning what-so-ever. The girl seemed unsure at first but T’Rae at least got a name out of her that day, Sheena.
For the rest of her Academy days T’Rae stuck by Sheena, helping the girl along in adjusting to human lifestyles and getting through her studies, even though the two were on different tracks. The two balanced each other well, Sheena managed to subdue and restrain T’Rae, where T’Rae helped guide Sheena and bolster her a bit. The two became close friends, to the point where T’Rae considered Sheena more of a sister than any of her own blood.
Graduation drew close for both of them, and this secretly had T’Rae worried. She didn’t want to be separated from Sheena, but at the same time this is what she had worked for, to put herself into something bigger. The chances of them being randomly assigned to the same Ship were slim, but after days of deliberating and calculating T’Rae decided that logic was not going to get her what she needed, focusing on pure emotion T’Rae dove into teacher politics, playing diplomat to have the assignments arranged and with a little help from a few teachers T’Rae hacked into the mainframe and switched herself out with to-be sociologist on the USS Synapta, the ship Sheena had been assigned to as part of Communications.
Life on the ship after graduation settled down quickly, with T’Rae beaming down every chance she got, and always taking Sheena with her as her body guard. In fact T’Rae had settled into life aboard the Synapta quite nicely, and was first to volunteer to board the shuttlecraft and examine a small unexplored planet nearby, a routine mission to examine local civilizations and make sure humans could survive on the planet. Taking Sheena with her the two navigated out of the ship and once safely in orbit the USS Synapta left to check a distress call from an Andorian Science Outpost in the next system over. Not long after the ship left T’Rae was adjusting the thrusters to the gravitational pull of the planet, only to have one of them turn into a fish taco, leaving her only one with which to bring them down to ground in relative safely. But once on the planet surface things didn’t seem right, where the hell were they exactly?
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T'Rae of V'tosh ka'tur
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