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 Why hello thar~! 8D!

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Why hello thar~! 8D! Empty
PostSubject: Why hello thar~! 8D!   Why hello thar~! 8D! Icon_minitimeWed Jun 17, 2009 12:04 am

Hello~ Hello~ Welcome to my intro thread! 8D

Let's see I've been roaming the internet as an active roleplayer for nearly seven years, I'm a hobby artist and writer. My most recent internet hangouts are Gaia Online and Solia Online. I'm a second year college student going for an Associates Degree in Science. For the most part I'm a bit of a loner though I've no problem with joining up with a group for a bit of fun. As far as nicknames and the like go...I have quite a few of them though the most used one (depending on where and how long you've known me) is Shika~ If you've known me before I joined Gaia and such then the nickname would be based on Sakura from Naruto considering I won't be caught dead watching that. >>

Anywho! The Shika thing was born on the first day of April, under the western sign of Aries and the eastern sign of the Monkey. Shika's been known to be quite violent, vengeful and likely to hold a grudge if wronged~ try to stay on my good side =D Other than that Shika's quite the friendly person (online anyway~) and not likely to chew you out unless you get under her skin. And yep~ I'm sure by now you've noticed my habit of switching between third and first person >w>
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Why hello thar~! 8D!
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