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 Seduce of the Seas Part 1: Tales of the Moon

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Seduce of the Seas Part 1: Tales of the Moon Empty
PostSubject: Seduce of the Seas Part 1: Tales of the Moon   Seduce of the Seas Part 1: Tales of the Moon Icon_minitimeThu Jun 25, 2009 9:37 am

This will be where I will be posting all writing and art related to the first part of my possibly novel length story Tales of the Moon. Comments are welcome~

Tales of the Moon Outline


On the blood soaked soil of the continent of Oestith, the threads of deceit and betrayal have long woven themselves into the very being of the empire turning it into a mangled, sinister shadow of its former self. Long have the people told stories of the prophecy spoken long ago by the gods themselves. The promise of freedom from the iron clad grip of the Oestithan rulers. They say the twins born on midsummer’s eve to the royal family will herald the fall of the old empire and the rising of the new. Prince Marossa and Princess Chamilsa are to be the ones to shatter the icy grip their parents have held the Oestithan empire in for so long. Doubtful of the mage; Sai’s words the pair shun the prophecy calling it nothing more than a poor man’s song. When war begins to brew within the city however it is made clear that the gods are gathering to decide the fate of Oestith and the entire empire. Swept from home and onto the bloody battlefield of the Noiverouth islands they must decide whether they stand with the bloodthirsty ideals of their parents or with the people’s hope for freedom.


◦ Moondance – High Mage; Queen Atith’s advisor
◦ Sai – High Mage; Prince Marossa’s and Princess Chamilsa’s guard
◦ Chamosia – Healer
◦ Chirth – Commander of the Oestithan Army
◦ Taieth – Battle-Mage; Second-in-Command
◦ Eemirth – King’s spymaster

◦ King Rehenth – Reigning king of Oestith
◦ Queen Atith – Reigning queen of Oestith
◦ Princess Chamilsa – Crown princess to the throne of Oestith; Prince Marossa’s twin
◦ Prince Marossa – Crown prince to the throne of Oestith; Princess Chamilsa’s twin

◦ Rayshath – Assassin
◦ Ilisla – Yunith born noble
◦ Iloi – Yunith born noble; Ilisla’s brother
◦ Assimista – Assassin-Mage; Rayshath’s companion

Other Players:
◦ Mindosia – Half Yunith; Moondance’s brother
◦ Sondath – Shapeshifter; God of destiny
◦ Jiskassanya – Draconic High mage; reincarnated Goddess of Death and Rebirth
◦ Lisallo – Oestithan born noble
◦ Illara – Goddess of the Moon
◦ Lisassasda – Goddess of Darkness

Place Names:
◦ Oestith – The continent where the Oestithan Empire is located.
◦ Oestithan City – The capital of the Oestithan Empire, the richest city in Oestith.
◦ Oestithan Empire – The Empire ruling the entire continent of Oestith, the northern part of the Noiverouth islands.
◦ Fith – Largest city in the Noiverouth islands.

◦ Yunith – a non-human people who currently inhabit Fith.
◦ Dragons – reptilian creatures able to take human form. Mortal magic has no effect on them.
◦ Oestithan – the mortal people of the empire.

Chapter Titles


◦ Volume 1
◦ Volume 2
◦ Volume 3

◦ Volume 4
◦ Volume 5
◦ Volume 6

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Posts : 17
Join date : 2009-06-16
Age : 27
Location : Elysium~

Seduce of the Seas Part 1: Tales of the Moon Empty
PostSubject: Re: Seduce of the Seas Part 1: Tales of the Moon   Seduce of the Seas Part 1: Tales of the Moon Icon_minitimeThu Jun 25, 2009 9:40 am


There’s a sliver of darkness and light within us all…it’s up to us to decide whether or not we want to acknowledge them…

Year 1520 of the Accession
3rd Month of Winter’s Frost

“Something’s burning…”

A quiet tilt of the head followed the statement, drawing Sai’s attention away from the carefully wound threads of power that danced and bobbed along the metal frame before him. Regarding the eleven year old princess silently and carefully, the high mage very nearly sighed. This was the fourth time in the matter of a few hours that the girl had commented on something burning. He’d checked the entire room, twice. No fire. A check of the kitchens and surrounding fields returned the same result. There was nothing burning…at least not in the immediate area, so what exactly was the young noble sensing that he, one of the empire’s two high mages, couldn’t?

“Princess…I’ve checked the entire room, I’ve checked the kitchens, I’ve checked the fields…There is nothing burning.” The minute the words left his lips he instantly regretted them. Narrowed ice blue eyes settled on him, and the high mage felt a shiver of ice dance up and down his spine. Those were the eyes of something not quite human, something…not quite the princess, and those eyes scared him.

“Of course you won’t find anything burning here. The army isn’t here, the mage cadre isn’t here…Marossa isn’t here,” There was a certain dangerous edge to the young princess’ words as she paused, and Chamilsa took a great deal of perverse pleasure in seeing the high mage squirm under her icy glare. Of course Sai wasn’t the one who deserved to feel the brunt of her annoyance. Her father did. He’d been the one who’d sent the army along with the entire cadre of mages, save Sai, off to settle some rebellion or the other. At least that was the story he’d fed to the people, she didn’t believe it for a moment. And neither does Sai.

“Furthermore, you of all people should be able to sense that much power on the winds.” Withdrawing her verbal fangs, she waited watching the muscles in Sai’s jaw work, watching the gears in his mind turn as the realization of just what she was and had been speaking of finally sunk in.

“The city, is always pulsing with power,” He began choosing his words carefully, lest he earn himself another chewing out, “The surrounding winds are always tainted with it, so I assumed that with the army and cadre about that they had been the ones to, increase the irritation of the mages there thus bringing about an increase in the power pulses.”

Straightening as he closed his eyes, Sai dipped into the bubbling well of power that pulsed in his mind before diving in fully. If the princess had sensed those pulses of power even though he’d sought to hide them from her, then the child was indeed far more powerful than they’d originally thought. But then, what did one expect from the goddess incarnate? Shaking the distracting thoughts away, Sai slowly began to poke through his layers of barriers becoming more and more dismayed with each layer he checked.

In Progress...More to Come aka...Chapter not done.
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Seduce of the Seas Part 1: Tales of the Moon
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