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 Within the Hourglass - Rp Site Advert

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PostSubject: Within the Hourglass - Rp Site Advert   Within the Hourglass - Rp Site Advert Icon_minitimeThu Jun 25, 2009 9:58 am

+ Within the Hourglass +

WtH can be called an oh-so wonderful Sci-fi roleplay, that has yet to get off the ground to be honest. So~ If you're looking for a new roleplay feel free to hop on over and join right in. ^^ Oh and...>w> Do ignore the random bouts of odd coding going on...that's just me messing around with a few things and refreshing my HTML knowledge ^^.

Plot/Storyline/Whatever you wanna call it

† It all started like this †

They said the world would end in 2012. Then again, there were always people saying the world was going to end soon so no one listened to them.

Everyone knew what North Korea was up to, they just didn’t know they’d end up starting a war. That’s right. North Korea and their weapons started World War III. A simple missile test gone wrong. They should have known better than to test their missiles by aiming them in China’s direction and hoping the missiles hit the sea. They probably did know the missiles were likely to fall short and didn’t care.

In that instance, half of China gets destroyed, and in the flames and ashes of their burning country the Chinese declared war. The other major world powers, in an attempt to stop the fighting, stepped in only to find themselves dragged in a full scale war.

World War III raged for ten years taking the lives of thousands and leaving millions more in a state of near chaos. That’s when it happened.
Out of the ashes and darkness of war, Scientists reached a medical breakthrough. Genetic engineering. After years of experimentation on willing and unwilling subjects, they had reached a revelation. By turning on certain genes and turning off others they were able to create and use ‘nanomachines’ which were then able to piece a heavily injured person together from the inside out (provided that person’s heart was still beating at the time of injection) which would reduce the time needed for surgeries and operations of any kind.

These nanomachines however weren’t the only thing created by Scientists during this time, after much experimentation they managed to active a series of genes that caused…mutations.

By the year 2030 there was a steadily growing population of these mutants as they seemed to be nearly immune to the diseases and plagues that were steadily killing off the race of ‘true’ humans. Disease isn’t the only thing facing the world however. Six months prior Hawaii and its surrounding islands disappeared beneath the waves as The Great Crack finally gave way generating a massive tsunami that not only swept away the islands but also destroyed most of the United States facing the pacific. China and Japan suffered just as badly with Japan being completely destroyed and nearly half of China’s already decimated coastline being destroyed.

† Its like this now †

Now in 2092, there has been a call for peace by world leaders in an attempt to save what is left of the original human race and deal with the increasing number of mutants that are already beginning to outnumber the original human race. Even with calls for peace there is still unrest as some countries refuse to shift their priorities from war to preservation.

With the planet ravaged by war and freak storms there is but one question…

† Will you help to save the world? †
† Or utterly destroy it? †

Site Staff and Status

Admin: Numiniia aka Shika
Site Status: Open and accepting
Rp Status: Not started yet
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Within the Hourglass - Rp Site Advert
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