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 Issueing the Challenge

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Issueing the Challenge Empty
PostSubject: Issueing the Challenge   Issueing the Challenge Icon_minitimeMon Jun 29, 2009 9:17 am


My challenge is for someone to draw all of my Original Characters. I'm providing a list with a brief description~ Basically I'm a lazy sot and I'd like someone to draw them for me~

Ookami Koinu- My most well known. Wolf Demon/Werewolf(Depends) Naturally a loud happy person.
20-ish(No official age), 6'8 w/o heels, 7'2 with 6"Heels. Long LONG long Black hair in a braid in the back. Wears red hakama(lol Yamaka) pants, a black tank top, and bright, purple boots. Wears a jewel necklace her mother gave her. Has a tail, black and fluffy, normally blends with her braid, pointed elf-like ears. Purpley-Blue eyes.
Reference pictures(Most will not have these)- Issueing the Challenge Ruthle10 Click for bigger view.

Hiroku Koinu- Not Well known, boo~ Wolf Demon/Werewolf(Depends) Ookami's older brother. Normally very serious and quiet.
Mid 20's(No official age), 7'4 no heels. Longer hair than his sister normally tied back in a ponytail. Wears traditional kimonos, normally in floral patterns. Is very traditional in general. No tail, pointed ears. Purpley-Blue eyes.

Karin Koinu- Better known than Hiroku, yaaay. Wolf Demon/Werewolf(depends) Ookami's little brother, LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS.
Late teens(No official age), 6'4 no heels. Short messy brownish-black hair. Wears t-shirts and jeans, no shoes. Still has his ears and tail, much to his chagrin. Black eyes.

Chii Koinu- Better known than Karin, yaaay. Wolf Demon/Werewolf(Depends) Ookami and Karin's little sister. Quiet but maternal and helpful, very naiive.
Late teens(No official age, younger than Karin) 5'6 no heels. Long silver hair with fluffy ears and tail. Purpley-Blue eyes. Normally wears white yukata, or other traditional clothing.

Muki Koinu- Not well known, boo~ Wolf Demon/Werewolf(Depends) Ookami/Chii's little sister. Quiet and sarcastic, is very jaded.
Early teens(No official age, younger than Chii) 4'11 no heels. shoulder length black hair, catlike ears and tail. Black eyes. Normally in flowered, girly yukata or traditional clothing.

Lori- Not well known, boo~ Cherubim Naiive and loving. Tends to think of everyone as good and behaves as such.
Appears Late Teens(Immortal), 5'4 no heels. Shoulder length dirty blonde hair, One Green eye, One Purple eye. Normally in light colored modern clothing, and togas. Has small light grey wings.

Sakreed Du Blanc- Fairly Well known. Vampire. Ladies man, very possessive. If he thinks you're his, well then BY DAMMIT you are(*giggle*)
Appears Early 20's(563), 5'7 w/ 3"heels. Black hair, down his back, just above his butt, red eyes. Normally in victorian clothing. Very effeminate in build and mannuerisms.

Nina Du Blanc- Not well known. Vampire. Maternal and friendly. Sired Sakreed, so he is technically her fledgeling.
Appears Early 20's(1423), 5'w/o heels 5'6 with. Long blond hair, normally styled. Full length is down to her thighs. Normally in victorian clothing. Has a habit of adopting people and not telling them.

Willamina Vladimira- Not well known. Immortal. Still technically a child she acts accordingly.
Appears to be around 10, 4'4. Black hair that is normally tied up in pigtails with ribbons. Wears lacy dresses, and shoes, looking very lolita-esque.

And that would be it for the basics~ Of course there's more, but this will do~.
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Issueing the Challenge
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