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 Alluring the Enemy

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PostSubject: Alluring the Enemy   Alluring the Enemy Icon_minitimeThu Dec 17, 2009 8:50 pm

Alluring the Enemy is an InuYasha fanfiction that I wrote quite a while ago. This is a rewrite for that story which will be, in my opinion, much better than that one. The old story is still up (on, but this one is likely going to be 1) written differently and 2) going in a different direction. On that note, the ending to this story will be definite. It won't end all cheesy like Alluring the Enemy. Chapters will be longer and the characters won't be so dreadfully OOC. Haha.

Chapter 1: Counting

Kagome sat up, reaching for a blanket that wasn't there. It wasn't that she was cold. This room was a comfortable temperature, not too hot, and not too cold, one of very few situations where lukewarm was a desirable temperature. The blanket was more of a comfort item. That reason alone would have been enough to keep her from sleep, but fate had a certain way of overcompensating. Due to numerous factors, it had taken quite a while for her to sleep, and only when on the edge of exhaustion did her previously overindulged mind decide that comfort didn't matter. It wasn't that Kagome didn't want to sleep. After a day going without, she very much wanted to. She had known that her situation wouldn't get any better if she stayed awake. Kagome was, after all, in possession of a brain.

The amount of time Kagome had slept or even been there was impossible to know. There was no idea of time in this place; the passing of seconds, minutes and hours were all the same. It could have been a week or a month or several. On those precious days that she was able to sleep, sometimes she would awake and find that a bowl of rice had been left for her at the door, one that she had exhausted herself in the first day hitting, kicking, banging on, crying for help or to be set free. In the next few days, or what had seemed like it, Kagome had continued that struggle, only to be disappointed by her own weakness and the futility of it all. By the end of the first week, she had all but given up hope.

Sometimes, Kagome would awaken to find that a single Saimyosho was buzzing away in the corner, watching her carefully and marking every move, following her deftly with slight movements to the right or to the left. And then, when she slept again, the bug would disappear into oblivion and she would wonder the next day if it had really existed at all. Had all of her encounters in this world been a dream or some elaborate fantasy to distract herself from her gruesome fate?

Sometimes, it was difficult to remember how she'd gotten there, the circumstances that led up to it, or even why she was there. That wasn't to say that she didn't remember anything else. Kagome thought constantly of the people she had left to be here, missing them terribly, wondering what they were doing and if they would one day arrive to rescue her like in any story where the handsome prince saved the beautiful princess caged in the dragon-guarded castle. The dragon in this case, was quite cunning. This dragon had hidden the castle first, then captured the princess, making the prince's job much more difficult than in any fairy tale Kagome had ever read.

This dragon's, or spider's more appropriately, name was Naraku. Kagome and her friends had battled this spider for a year or more, looking for clues to his whereabouts, finding ways to get to him through his barrier, constantly powering up InuYasha's sword to this end. But when it came time for the final battle, the one that would end this gruesome journey, they had only succeeded in killing Byakuya, a detachment of Naraku. The real adversary had fled, taking Kagome with him. She went over these things over and over, thinking of the same infuriating things again and again. It was in times where only she could entertain herself that she realized how truly boring she was.

Kagome sat up, realizing again where she was and that it all hadn't just been some really vivid nightmare. She cried. Again. As she had many times. Never before had she felt so hopeless, so helpless, and so completely depressed. A part of her held out the hope that her friends would arrive some fateful day and destroy Naraku finally, and find her here. They would smile and greet her, apologizing for making her wait so long and she would forget everything that went on here like it had been some fleeting and irretrievable dream. Another part, and it was steadily growing, feared for the worst, knew without a doubt that she would never escape and this miserable existence would continue until she died of old age or malnutrition.

It wasn't all doom and gloom. In that superficial way that teenaged girls think, she couldn't help but note that this was the most thin she'd ever been. That part of Kagome that was always optimistic said that she wouldn't have to worry about her figure for a long time and promised that as soon as she got out, she'd gorge herself on all the WacDonald's and oden she could eat.

She tried to find ways to entertain herself. She counted the wood planks that made up the floor and walls, the wood nails that held them together and had done so many times. It was at this point in time that everything seemed to fall into place. Some deus ex machina provided a small window of opportunity as Kagome counted.

“..two, three, four,” she counted, eying the planks at the opposite side of the room, starting from the top and slowly moving her eyes toward the bottom. “Five, six...” Her voice was a shadow of a whisper, almost inaudible. In that way that those who had slept too long often did, Kagome stretched, tried to find a more comfortable position, and tried to sleep again. The odds were out of her favor again. Sleeping too long meant being more tired and counting planks, it seemed, had the same effect as counting sheep.

Kagome let out a deep, strangely loud sigh, eyes closed. She couldn't cry anymore, couldn't entertain herself with fading illusions of valor and triumph. “Seven, eight...” Her eyes opened as she spoke and with unequaled precision brought from many hours of practice, found the correct plank and took up the task again. “Nine, ten, eleven.” Then came the unexpected stimulus, a feeling in Kagome that she remembered well, but couldn't be sure was real. The aura around the castle was dissipating. Were it a slow process, she wouldn't have noticed, but in an instant, it was gone.

It made her wonder if that meant that the barrier around this room was gone as well. She wasn't sure how to react, if this was only another dream, or if it would be the only chance for her to escape. Kagome sat up slowly and crawled a short distance to the sliding wooden door. She tugged at it with little force and all of this waiting, depression, and endless counting seemed as if it was all for nothing. How long had the door been unlocked? How long had the barrier been missing? Since when had the miasma filling every crevice of every room where that vile spider dwelt been gone? If it had happened just now, then maybe the others were finally here! Was Naraku finally dead?

With little further thought, Kagome stood and left that room and stepped into a narrow hallway whose only purpose was to lead to that room. A staircase stood at the opposite side, leading to what she assumed to be the ground floor. There was a reason that room had no windows. It had been underground.
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Alluring the Enemy
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