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PostSubject: .Random();   .Random(); Icon_minitimeTue Jun 16, 2009 8:43 pm

[[Realized I should explain what this story is about... Welcome to my .Random(); story! Seventh Sanctum has always inspired my imagination. It is a website full of random generators. Check it out yourself! They are always good for writer's block and if you are simply feeling bored. It would take hours to explore the whole site the first time, I imagine. Anyways, this story centers around those random generators. Before, I would pick the generator. But now, they have a random random generator! How delightful. I'll try to take whatever is spit out and make some sort of rudimentary storyline with it. So, there's no real plan for this story. The random generators can be... really random, obviously. Who knows what will happen. I'll try to make it all make sense. Usually, a theme will develop on its own through the course of the story while Avery develops.]]

Avery yawned. At 2 AM in the middle of Thanksgiving Break, there was nothing to do. Her backpack stared at her from across the room, beckoning, but she was determined to not do homework until the last day, as usual. There must be something else. She scanned the rest of the room slowly. The Wii already quenched her thirst for gaming, and earlier she watched enough anime to last a long time. For once, there just didn't seem to be anything to occupy her attention. With a sigh, she returned her eyes to the computer screen. Even Dwarf Fortress lost its appeal after a while.

Seemingly random papers and CDs without their cases covered her wide desk completely. The bright computer monitor reflecting off of her thin, oval-shaped glasses and the two speakers to either side of it remained the only things distinguishable from the mess. As terrible as it looked, Avery actually knew where everything was -- at least everything she wanted to find again. The layers of junk were a history of her free-time usage, oldest on the bottom and most recently used on the top.

I guess anime will have to do until I'm sleepy enough to go to bed, she thought, disappointed in herself for having too much time. She moved the cursor to her favorites list, staring absentmindedly at the monitor with her head resting on her left hand; however, instead of being treated to the colorful layout of the anime-watching website, a mostly gray and blue color scheme appeared.

"Seventh Sanctum... of course!" she whispered, smirking. There is no better place to go when you are bored. It was the best generator site on the web. No, not electric generators. Random generators. A bunch of words chosen by a program get arranged into a pattern to create a random string. There were many, many themed generators that would keep her attention for another couple of hours at least -- although, she already had trouble keeping her eyes focused on the screen, so maybe a couple hours was too optimistic.

The variety of the responses was dizzying. Avery systematically browsed through each category, allowing soft giggles to escape her constantly smiling mouth every once in a while. Some were incredibly detailed, while some were short and sweet. Some had a million different options to chose from. Never was a phrase repeated and each theme was completely unique. The character descriptions, especially, caught her eye. They never failed to inspire her, no matter how simple. A visual picture instantly formed in her mind with each new generation. Amazing.

Eventually, her fun had to come to a close. Instead of falling asleep, though, she was motivated and determined. Her head brimming with a multitude of ideas, Avery opened a notepad file to jot a quick and ambitious list of stories and characters, along with a note to create her own generator. Why couldn't she? The website had some tutorials available; she could figure it out. And she will, now.

A simple character generator should be enough for today, she said in her mind, getting straight to work without a single thought about whether or not she should go to bed. A quick, but tedious five hundred lines of code later, and she had it. A glance at the clock told her it was almost dawn, but she couldn't go to sleep now. She had to see. Avery compiled her masterpiece and let out a relieved sigh when no errors turned up. She hit the run button, and hoped for the best. The blank, black command prompt popped up and took a second to show anything, during which she held her breath.

This female is very skinny, has lengthy, dark brown hair, has dull, dark brown eyes, has glasses, would like to wield magic.

Aside from the grammar problem... it was boring! No image came to her head, no sudden inspiration. Checking the program over again, she realized that character was statistically possible, but creatively lacking. Frustration combined with lack of sleep caused her to close the window immediately. So much for that idea. Just to make certain it wasn't a programming error, Avery ran it again. The prompt popped up, but was completely blank and stayed that way for a full 10 seconds. Infinite loop?

She tried to exit out of the prompt once more, but the computer would not respond. Great.

"Argh! Why does this always happen at the worst of times?" she said, ignoring the need to keep her voice low and to not disturb her slumbering parents. Wiggling the mouse, she let out a deep and long sigh, calming down slightly. A movement on the screen caught her eye, but it wasn't the cursor. It was the prompt. It was... expanding.

All Avery could do was look on in confusion as the window grew to encompass the entire monitor. And then everything became black.

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Posts : 20
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Age : 29

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PostSubject: Re: .Random();   .Random(); Icon_minitimeTue Jun 16, 2009 10:34 pm

[[Magitech Generator]]

Avery was only aware of complete darkness around her. Her breaths came in short, panicked intervals as she took a moment to get her bearings. She found herself endlessly falling as if she was inside a bottomless pit. She imagined the ground getting closer with each passing second, ready to greet her with a bang. But... wait. There was no wind at all. In fact, there really wasn't an up or a down. It kind of felt like... floating!

Avery was floating in the darkness, not sure of which direction was which as there as absolutely no sense of gravity. The space was not devoid of light, for she could still see her hands and feet. It was simply devoid of... everything else and seemed to stretch on forever. This must be what outer space looked like... minus the stars and the dying, of course. She could still breath, and wasn't going to explode or implode or anything. At least, that was what she hoped...

She would be panicking, if it wasn't for the overall dream-like quality the darkness gave. She could see herself, even hear herself, so there didn't seem to be any immediate danger. Still, it would be nice to go back to her computer desk... Avery attempted to find a way out. Unfortunately, it was the same dark expanse in every direction. She couldn't even tell if she was getting anywhere at all as she clumsily undulated in an attempt to move. Now what?

As she was looking around somewhat desperately for /anything/ to focus on, a small patch of gray caught her attention. She wasn't alone after all? The gray color belonged to a straight line. It was floating in front of her, maybe 3 feet away, but it was hard to judge distances with no reference. Avery attempted to move closer, but the darkness offered no purchase at all. It wasn't like floating in water. She just ended up wiggling like an idiot in one spot. Maybe it was a good thing there weren't any witnesses...

Another line appeared, which caused her to stop moving. It was another straight line jutting from the previous. It looked like a <. Okay, what was going on? There was nothing Avery could do but watch and wait for the only other visible thing in the seemingly infinite space to make up its mind. After a shorter period of time, a third vertical line appeared, bisecting both of the other lines... Oh! It was a sideways A. She quickly oriented herself correctly as more light gray letters appeared, each faster than the one before. Soon, a phrase was spelled out.

Amulet Turbine

"What...?" was about all she could manage. What in the world did that mean? is what she meant to say. Avery waited a few more long, tedious seconds before deciding that was all the darkness had to offer. Very, very helpful.

Just as she was about to make another attempt to reach the disem'paper'ed letters, a soft PING-type noise sounded. It was a quick tone without any echo which solidified the illusion of space stretching out infinitely.

Avery became aware of another color intruding on the black. It was still gray, but a different hue and bigger. It hovered right above her head. As she looked up, the haunting words vanished, but she paid them no mind. Her focus was directed towards the palm-sized propeller-type thing. It hovered a foot or so above her eye level with a stillness that made her doubt its existence on the physical plane. She reached for it, grasping the cold, smooth material with one hand. It was real.

Trailing behind the object, she noticed some cheap-looking string. No, it looked more like thin rope. Either way, it was attached to the propeller via the center as if it was some sort of amulet-

Oh. Amulet Turbine. This must be it. Well... still not very helpful. Avery put the object around her neck. It was dangerous, sure, but there wasn't really much else to do. Nothing obvious happened, anyway.

It was settled. She was in the middle of some kind of dream. Her subconscious was obviously lacking in creativity. Although the idea of having a fake little turbine around her neck was kind of neat, the fact that she was still floating in a nondescript space was... lacking. Then again, maybe it had some Freudian connotation behind it. Either that or she had been programming way too long-

Oh, that explained it. This was the command prompt she was floating in. Or, a 3D physical, empty representation of it. The words were in the typical courier font, so it all made sense... relatively. Avery must have fallen asleep while looking at it. Blacking out because of exhaustion kind of explained the whole 'command prompt leaping out of the computer screen' thing, but not the extreme lucidity she was experiencing.

Her eyelids grew heavy as she continued stared at nothingness. Come on, dream. Do something!

[[The amulet looks like a smaller version of this.]]
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