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 Nethack -- The Tape

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PostSubject: Nethack -- The Tape   Nethack -- The Tape Icon_minitimeSat Jun 20, 2009 2:39 am

[[For those who don't know, Nethack is a roguelike* game where your goal is to get to the bottom of the dungeon and sacrifice an object at a religious altar. Simple, yes? It really should be, but never is. And that's what makes it fun. 8D At least to me. Not so much to Nikkei. The dungeon levels and items are all randomized so that you never play the same game twice. There are several class, species, and alignments to choose from. Completing the game is very difficult, and I've never done it. But that's okay. The characters in my stories have /other/ motives for entering the dungeon, so I conveniently don't have to talk about the lower levels I know nothing about.

I'll be playing the game alongside writing this to get inspiration for what to write next. There's a 99% chance the character will die some horrible death because of that. xD Probably starvation, food poisoning, or something water-related.

If you haven't played the game, would like to play the game, and don't want anything ruined for you, don't read this. >:[
If you play the game and don't want any spoilers of stuff you haven't seen yet, don't read this. >:[

*Roguelike: The game Rogue came out some time in the 80's and was very popular. It sported cutting edge ASCII graphics [as in, the graphics are made of colored letters; for example, 'o' could be a ring on the ground] and fun, addicting gameplay. Lots of people loved it, and a subgenre of RPGs was born called Roguelikes. They are usually ASCII too [like Nethack] and usually involve dungeon crawling [like Nethack], randomness [like Nethack], and permanent death for your characters [like Nethack]. ]]

Somewhere, a TV screen clicks on. How the owner got a TV in a medieval-style game, no one will know. A tape slides into the VCR slot with a soft whir. It begins to play.

"Kaylin, you have always been an instrument of Crom."

Nothing is visible. Only audio. The male voice sounds commanding and proud.

"It is your job to go into the dungeon and retrieve the powerful Amulet of Yendor which was once stolen from us by the sinister god Morloch. He now resides in the Under World, Gehennom, deep beneath our feet. The dungeon will be treacherous. Many have tried to pass through it to complete this task, but none have since returned. Will you take on this risk?"

"I will."

The second voice is female, but still gruff. Even so, there is a subtle element of intelligence hidden deep within it.

"Good. You have bestowed upon yourself, your family, and this tribe great honor by accepting this task. If you should not return, your sacrifice will never be forgotten. If you should succeed, you will achieve immortality. Your name will be spoken throughout the land for eternity. Kaylin, are you ready?"


"Enter the dungeon now, and go with Crom."

The muffled sounds of beings walking near the video recorder drown everything else out until the recorder is picked up. For a very brief moment, the view swings around the area until the recorder is shoved inside of a pack. During that time, the inside of a hut-like structure is visible, though blurred. It appears to be made out of animal skins judging by the natural brown and white hues. Many humans are seen, though the details are hard to pick out. They are also wearing animal skin along with colorful, elaborate headdresses that could only serve a ceremonial purpose. Apart from a pair of bare, somewhat feminine feet just before the recorder is shoved inside the bag, nothing is visible of its owner.

If one peers closely at the television screen, they can see some contents inside the bag. Two, to be exact. Some sort of package and what appears to be a lamp. After a period of muffled words and some chanting, a hand reaches into the bag and fumbles with the camera before the view goes completely dark.

[[Short for now. @_@ Look forward to more from INSIDE the dungeon this time~]]
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Nethack -- The Tape
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